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U.E.S. Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2002 and is currently on the path of becoming a regional integrated logistics and movement specialist.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, U.E.S. Logistics has conceptualised a corporate mission that entails us to provide our clients custom-designed project requirements. U.E.S. Logistics mission is also to meet our clients’ every need and expectations.

We also pride ourselves for our ability to provide state of the art, yet pratical solutions to help our clients maximise their returns on investments.

Our teams of expert engineers are also equipped with apt knowledge and expertise to analyse and determine our clients’ logistical needs and backed by our comprehensive fleet of equipment, you get the best from U.E.S. Logistics.

We also assure our clients that U.E.S. Logistics is sufficiently equipped and large enough to meet any challenge in the logistical field but at the same time also prepared to meet your personal needs regardless of how small they are.

U.E.S. Logistics assures you that all projects, big or small, are delivered according to specifications to garner client satisfaction, as it is our company’s requirement that we strive for the ultimate excellence in our field of business.

U.E.S. Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is made-up of a team of dedicated and experienced logistical experts who offer Malaysia and the rest of Asia a complete package of specialized heavy lift and oversized transportation & lifting services. Our services range from straight forward low loader transportation to moving ultra heavy items, crane supply and total project solutions. UES Logistics is always on the lookout for chhalanges and opportunities and given this there is nothing that is too large, too difficult or impossible for us to handle. Going by our work ethics and motto – we are dedicated towards consistently meeting our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our services and scope of work include:
  • Heavy and oversized cargo transport
  • Offshore module load-out & ultra heavy movements
  • Jacking & Skidding
  • Hydraulic skid systems
  • Engineered lifting solutions
  • Engineering & studies
  • Strandjack solutions
  • Weighing