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U.E.S. Logistics uses the computer controlled Goldhofer Self Propelled Transporters in its operations. The usage of this modern high-tech unit promises our clients in Malaysia and neighbouring countries a very economical and reliable alternative for their load out needs.

U.E.S. Logistics also offers very competitive pricing in addition to using wheels to load out structures. We also offer competitive pricing for:
  • Load-out using hydraulic skid method
  • Strandjack pulling
  • Hydraulic gripper jack system supply
  • Load-out ballasting calculations
  • Barge monitoring during loadout
  • Loadout supervision

With the current number of Goldhofer Self Propelled Transporters available, we are able to easily handle a load out of modules and jackets up to 4000 tonnes without any complications.


Moving a steel structure weighing over 4500 tonnes and positioning it within 1" accuracy underneath another steel structure may seem to be a daunting and even unimaginable task. Nevetheless, we are able to do it due to the facilities and equipment we own, coupled with efforts of our team of experts. A good case study would be the construction of the YP topside at Pasir Gudang, Johor which was carried out with the usage of a rather unconventional method for large topsides. The intricate operation involved the fabrication of three complete decks on ground level which was then stacked up onto one another. U.E.S. Logistics was contracted to do the movement and positioning of 2 of the decks under the upper floor. The main deck was moved in the middle of December 2003 and the first cellar deck in early February 2004. The entire operation was uneventful and was completed within the stipulated schedule.