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The U.E.S. Logistics hydraulic skid system utlises a method which is quickly gaining popularity due to its efficiency and efficacy. Under this system, the load to be skidded is suspended on hydraulic cylinders throughout the movement. The advantages of using a hydraulic skid system, as opposed to a traditional solid skid system, are manifold.

Suspension on hydraulic oil allows for:
  • Predictable and measurable loads on the structure being moved;
  • Easy load transfer from the fabrication supports to the skid system;
  • No requirement for pre-installation of skid materials during construction;
  • A relatively light weight system which is easy to install and remove.

The U.E.S. Logistics Hyskid system is designed in accordance to international guidelines and includes includes an improved stability base for the skid with the utilisation of 2 parallel skid tracks under each hydraulic skid.