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A lot of paperwork and theoritical preparation is also involved when a big project is about to be excuted. This is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the project and that nothing untoward happens in the field.Simulation drawing is prepared in 3D AutoCAD and numerous calculations are also carried out. These are to ensure safe operations stipulated within the parameters of the Safe Working Limits of the equipment used. Hourly planning will also painstakingly prepared as good planning is a cricial must for any project of this nature.

The engineering part of a project will often include:
  • Lifting and transport simulation;
  • Transporter spine beam analysis;
  • Lifting and spreader beam design;
  • Barge ballasting calculation;
  • Barge stability analysis;
  • Job Safety and Risk Analysis;
  • Temporary support structure strenght calculation;
  • Detailed operation schedules preparation;
  • Ground bearing pressure calculation;