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Since being innovative and adventurous is one of the main characteristics of the UES Group of Companies, we decided to expand our business into an area that is near and dear to every Malaysian i.e food and beverage.

So, in spite of having made a name for ourselves in the oil and gas sector, construction industry and the maintenance of refinery and power plants, UES Group of Companies went a step farther by setting-up UES F&B Sdn Bhd in 2007.

One of the main catalysts that propelled us to venture into the food business is the insatiable Malaysian palate that constantly demands for food with a Malaysian twist.

During the initial stages of planning, we also reaffirmed that Malaysians, although have travelled extensively and have had the opportunity to indulge in international culinary delights, crave for our local cuisine regardless of where they were.

Armed with these findings as well as a sense of adventure, the company started Local Recipe Kopitiam under the banner of UES F&B Sdn Bhd.

The eatery is currently manned by employees that are well-trained in the food and beverage industry with 70% of them being Malaysians and the rest foreigners. Our goal is to establish the Local Recipe Kopitiam chain, not only throughout Malaysia, but also in other parts of the world in order to promote Malaysian cuisine in the global food and beverage market.

So far, our Local Recipe Kopitiam has been well received with patrons returning for more after their initial visit. And some took it a step further by securing Local Recipe Kopitiam to host their events.

We attribute this to the expertise of the chef, the dedication of our staff and the Local Recipe Kopitiam mission of ensuring that
“nobody does it better than us”.